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worshipdarklord is a community created to meet our Lord Voldemort needs. We welcome any types of HP fandom creations that focus on Lord Voldemort and his younger self Tom Riddle Jr. Het, slash and gen are very much welcomed. Femmeslash is also allowed (ex: Voldemort loves watching Bellatrix and Narcissa together). If Lord Voldemort is the focus, we love it here.

We expect some of these creation to contain some dark material, as such all members must be the legal age to view adult content. Examples of a clear age statement include ANY of the following: an actual date of birth indicating you are at least 18 years old (12/31/43), a year of birth indicating you are at least 18 years old (1988), a statement of your actual age over 18 (I am 24 years old) or a general statement such as "I am over the age of 18.


1. You have to be 18 years or older to join this community.

2. No flaming please. We all have different kinks, squicks and preferences so please respect that.

3. Use the LJ-cut for any writing more than 200 words long and any R/NC-17 material.

4. Please use the following form when posting art (including icons):

Please use the following form when posting fics:

If you are reccing someone else's work (be it fic or art), please use this form:

In the subject line of your post, use the following format:
Fanwork Type: Title (Main pairing or character in the case of gen, rating)
For example, Icons: Tom Riddle series (Tom Riddle, G) or Fanfiction: Unseemly acts, unsuitable for princesses (Bellatrix/Voldemort, NC-17)

Please tag your entries by: author/artist/podficcer/etc, main pairing, main characters in the case of gen, genre (het, gen, slash, femmeslash), type (fic, art, podfic, etc), content/warning. If you need a tag please ask your friendly mods. Please only post one entry per post.

If you're posting separate chapters of a Work in Progress, please include links to previous chapters.



Voldemort's back!
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Sincerely, your lovely mods evening12 and gamma_x_orionis

Disclaimer: worshipdarklord does not own Harry Potter or any of the characters/places/items/ideas from J.K. Rowling's books.
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